hey all, I am back.

Just for a second, though.

June is my month. It’s gemini season in full effect, the weather is getting warmer, it’s an overall good time. This month, those who are in the LGBTQ community celebrate their freedom, truth and bring awareness by calling it Pride Month. While I myself am a straight male, I feel it of importance to celebrate with them. I have friends in this community, and I know those in these communities who struggle with living in a society that marginalizes them for their lifestyle choice. 

Quick story…

I remember being in undergrad and going through a transition in my life. I was weaning my way out of being the party boy who did immature things and tried to sleep with everyone to becoming the man God had called me to be. It was hard, and I was losing friends because of it. I joined a choir during this time, and I met someone who would become my closest friend and confidants. I remember we would hang all the time, and finally one day he had the courage to come out to me. I know it had to have been hard, and I could see it on his face what he was expecting. To his surprise, I responded with “I thought so”, which I really did, and we continued on with the evening. I remember driving home that night, and thinking to myself how similar we were. How much we had in common. The only difference was that he was gay and I was straight. That led me on a journey to really understand those in the gay community, and learn about myself. Had I been judgmental, had I condemned these people because of what I didn’t understand? Probably so. In the years that would pass, I found myself learning more and more, and truly loving on these people that were different from me. In those moments, I learned about what love really is, and how once you take the conditions off, we can truly grow together.

Back to the point…

I am straight. I love women. I love the beauty in every skin tone, size, personality type, and everything else that comes with women. I am a Christian. I love Jesus with every fiber of my heart. Jesus is the only way, and Jesus is all that matters to me. With that said, the reality for me is this: No matter how you choose to live your life, I will not be the person to condemn you and say that you are wrong. I am not the person to tell you to literally “go to hell”, when I don’t have the authority to do so. I am not God. He is the judge. What I will do, however, is love you. What I can do is be a human being who allows you to chart your own path, and live out your truth. At the end of the day, it doesn’t actually matter to me at all how someone else is living their truth, because I am living mine. We live in a society where we place judgements based on cultural norms, not researching truth for ourselves. Maybe we should do better at that. I know I am trying to. So if you are someone who is in the LGBTQ community, celebrate your month. Maybe this month will be a time for you to come out to your family/friends or maybe even start a real conversation about your feelings. Maybe not. I can only hope that we as a people seek to find understanding with those who live differently than us.



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