Thank You



Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.

I appreciate each and every person that comes to visit the site and for the creative community as a whole that I have had the privilege to be a part of. I appreciate each of you who message me, comment and debate your valid points with mine. It is truly an honor. While a lot of my content up to this point on this online blog has been lifestyle related, I will be taking a hiatus from that to focus on what I truly love, and that is music. I realized that as a musician, I rarely talk about music on my blog. That will be changing in the month of April. My content on the site will be more geared towards music as a whole. Reviews of albums, talking through the process of being a songwriter and things of that such will be what my online forum is primarily for. I will still be communicating my thoughts on life, love, and everything in between in a new format: My Own Podcast!!!!!! If you would like to follow me, the podcast is called “N-Word. Inward. In Word: A Podcast”. I will be reaching out to some of you in order to have you on with me to talk and interview you, so be on the lookout for that (I am in the market for a co-host). The first episode is on iTunes now, and it is serving as a placeholder until I record the first full show. Please subscribe!!! The first full episode will release on Friday, April 6.

Again, thank you for your support!


B.A. Scott